ARPLAN 3D — functional ruler with augmented reality. With it, any room can be measured in just a few minutes.

Measure any room and generate it's 3D plan

ARPLAN 3D uses special technology to measure surfaces and entire rooms. You can quickly measure the height, length, width and perimeter of a room in all units: feet, inches, millimetres, centimetres, metres, and yards.

Your best interior measurement app.

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“Bomb app!!! Very convenient, simple. Might save a lot of time. Impressed.”
Kant Dauletchinov
“Everything is very good. I'm glad I found this app. Just one request, it would be nice to add the ability to dot in the form of elementary things on the finished plan (switch, socket, shield, lamp).”
Tomas Schus
“One of the best applications of this type in the play market. Of course, there are shortcomings (in small rooms it periodically goes astray), but still the accuracy is almost 100%. Keep it up!”
Amanda Hurzt