The ARPlAN app update for Android is out

The new release of the ARPlan 3D (Android) mobile application has been published, introducing unique features.

The application is the first on the market to enable measurement of irregular surfaces, e.g. complexly shaped ceilings and inclined walls on upper floors and attics.

ARPlan 3D is a functional ruler with an augmented reality. With it, any room can be measured in just a few minutes. An entire house can be measured in just 10 minutes.

ARPlan 3D uses special technology to measure surfaces and entire rooms. You can quickly measure the height, length, width and perimeter of a room in all units: feet, inches, millimetres, centimetres, metres, and yards.

ARPlan 3D can be used to create a 3D floor plan, a 2D floor plan, a classic floor plan (top view) and a wall scan. These features are useful for architects, interior designers, construction teams and building owners. The resulting plans can be saved in popular vector or bitmap formats and sent by email.

You can also measure various elements of a room, such as windows and doors, as well as take photos of the measurements. The app will automatically calculate your perimeter, floor, wall and ceiling area, which will definitely help you in choosing the right amount of building materials.

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